Transition team

About us

The transition team are available to help students develop their self-awareness, raise their aspirations, improve their independence, support their development and improve their confidence. We help inform students about potential career routes and provide ongoing support with applying for college or work-based learning when the time comes for students to leave us.

Lesson plans are delivered in a fun and interesting way that meets the needs of each individual student. Students will get the opportunity to participate in employer and work encounters from year 7 through to year 11 and from year 9 will begin weekly transition lessons.

Students will complete a needs / aspiration driven work experience placement which is usually done in year 10. Each individual coordinator will oversee the transition work students are completing, monitoring it to ensure that it is always meeting their needs.


Our Careers Leader is Ali Goode. To contact her telephone 01787 469373 or email to


Alison Goode-  Senior Student Mentor for Transition and Safeguarding


    “I’m Ali. As the senior for safeguarding and transition, I am the school’s careers lead and I lead the Transition Team. I am also a qualified careers adviser and I hold a Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development. I will always encourage confidence and independence in all of our students  so that, by the time they leave us, they are fully prepared to enter the next phase of their education and their next steps towards the world of work.”



Lydia Prime 

Student Mentor/ Transition Coordinator

"As transition co-ordinator my role at the school is to make sure our students learn and understand what their options are for a post 16 education.

I am passionate about helping them identify the options that are available to them and I wholeheartedly believe that any child can achieve their goals given the right environment and look forward to a bright future making a positive contribution to society.

Having previously worked for seven years at an independent school for children with special educational needs and gained several qualifications in teaching and teaching support, I have significant experience in educating children with additional needs."

Daniella Beswick 

Student Mentor / Transition Coordinator

"I am the transition lead at Primrose Hill school, Chelmsford. I have a desire to help and support the development of children within life, social skills, and their future endeavours. I am enthusiastic about supporting students with opportunities for personal and academic growth, allowing each individual to set and reach their goals for a bright future."

Marnie Bevan

Student Mentor / Transition Coordinator

“I am Marnie, I am the transition coordinator at Brook View School, Wethersfield. I wanted to become the transition coordinator at Brook View because I enjoy assisting the students, as much as possible, to find exactly what it is that they aspire to move on towards.

I am passionate about giving the students the best resources, support, and experiences to ensure that they leave Brook View with the tools that they need to move on to their next steps in education or work.”