School Prospectus - Exceptional Ideas

This website is designed to provide you with all the information you need about the organisation. Whether your child has been offered a place with us, or you are purely interested in what we do, this prospectus pack should explain our philosophies and practices here at Exceptional Ideas Ltd. 

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Exceptional Ideas Prospectus

We run Independent Therapeutic Day schools and an outreach service which accepts children between the ages of 11 and 19. We work specifically with children who are the subject of a Statement of Special Educational Needs or EHCP and who have struggled in mainstream and/or other specialist schools. We are a non-denomination school and we operate an Equal Opportunities Policy. Please download our Prospectus in PDF format to view more information.

Exceptional Ideas Ltd SEN Report

All of the children referred to our schools are already covered by an Education and Health Care Plan. This does not mean that there is no chance that further issues not covered by the EHCP will arise or that we do not continue to monitor progress across all areas of the student’s life.

We generally work with students with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, ODD and similar. Our students have a wide range of academic and social abilities. There are often co-morbid issues and conditions with their primary diagnosis. These are too varied to mention.

We continue to monitor progress on a daily, half termly, termly and annual basis, looking out for any other issues that may be presenting themselves.

10-weekly reviews of all plans are carried out and the outcomes are sent to parents and carers as well as being discussed with the students. Students are invited to be part of Annual Review and other meetings related to their health and education and will usually be supported by staff, even when parents and carers are present.

We have a robust transition team, led by Alison Goode. This team prepares students for work, training and further education (see Careers page).

Each student is taught 1:1 and the curriculum is differentiated to ensure rigour and opportunity to learn and progress in a safe and calm environment.

All staff are highly trained from the minute they join the organisation. When students are admitted all staff have access to their files and receive briefings and any necessary specific training relating to the student. If further support is required and cannot be provided internally through the senior management team, it will be sought through working with the Local Authority.

We provide a therapeutic statement for our own use to focus us on the issues facing each child and a specific plan is put together to address these needs. This is reviewed annually before the Annual Review of the EHCP.

We work in a multi-professional team with most of our students, liaising with healthcare professionals and others that may become involved in the student’s life and progress.