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At Exceptional Ideas we are proud to offer a unique therapeutic education package for students whose special needs have made it difficult for them to succeed in mainstream or special school settings.

We work with parents and students to enhance educational and therapeutic growth, empowering students to participate confidently in education and make strong, personal choices about their future.

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Children who attend Exceptional Ideas Ltd are referred and approved by the Local Authority. After receiving referral paperwork, including the EHCP, senior staff will consider the suitability of placement with Exceptional Ideas Ltd. If it is likely that placement would be suitable in either a school or on our outreach service, an arrangement will be made with the parent/carer and the Local Authority to arrange an initial meet at the child's home.

Once it is deemed that our setting is fit for a student and placement is agreed by the relevant Local Authority, arrangements will be made to commence a four-week induction period. Details of this and the placement start date will be sent to the parent/carer in writing as soon as possible, to provide details and enable the child and their family to make provision for a change of educational setting.

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Equality and Diversity statement‘Exceptional Ideas Ltd:
Overcoming barriers, achieving success’

A slogan to promote dedication to overcoming educational barriers and promoting success in life after school – but this message goes deeper.

Exceptional Ideas Ltd has always been heavily committed to equality, diversity and inclusion with the ultimate goal of offering the same opportunities to every student and mentor we work with, however the events of recent months have shown that racism and inequality are still a part of many people’s everyday life and is still an issue globally, this is something that concerns us all.  The sharing of experience and perspective has been eye-opening and has caused us to release a statement detailing our commitment to the fight against racism and all other forms of oppression and inequality.   

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and undertake to educate all staff and students in acceptance and understanding of difference and diversity; be that racial, LGBTQ, gendered or any other marginalised group of people.

At Exceptional Ideas Ltd, we want to move past the legal requirement to promote equality through a policy-fulfilling statement; and are actively working to promote, educate and challenge views, actions and words that seek to cause harm or spread hatred.  We will not tolerate racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia or any other form of abuse; and will challenge and educate with fact where there is any inkling of such attitude – be that from staff, stakeholders or students.

The education profession is by no means free of the scourge of discrimination and prejudice, and there are members of our community who are affected daily by uneducated and uninformed views on their backgrounds and choices.  As such, it is not enough that we stand up to condemn this; we must be actively anti-discrimination.  As professionals, it is our duty to become informed and inform those around us of the effects and harm that such attitudes can cause and it will never be accepted that it is down to marginalised or oppressed groups to educate and stand up to such attitudes.  We will stand with them and for them and educate the adults of today and tomorrow in a way that allows change to spread and equality to grow.  

As such, we expect from those we work with, attitudes of more than tolerance for difference – an expectation that difference is exceptional and brilliant, more than care – an understanding that sometimes certain groups need more support in their fight, more than neutrality – our community should be active in the challenge of equality, and more than hope – nurturing the attitude that we WILL make a change.

‘Exceptional Ideas Ltd:
Destroying barriers, championing change’

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Our staff are recruited from a wide range of disciplines, allowing us to provide students with a varied and adaptable experience. Though not all of our staff are qualified teachers, all are trained rigorously before being appointed as permanent staff. Many of the staff who leave Exceptional Ideas do so to go on to train as teachers or for similar promotions elsewhere. Many of our staff are graduates and all senior staff either hold a degree (or relevant equivalent) or are working towards one.  

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