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Outreach Service Testimonials Student C

C came to our Outreach service after a period of time out of mainstream school. His family had been rather disillusioned with the education services available for him previously. He had a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. He had an Education and Health Care plan. C worked with three of our mentors on a regular basis during his time with the Outreach service. His mentors would collect him from his home and take him out into the community. He engaged in a therapeutic program tailor made for him which included social skills, relationship building, communication skills and basic financial managing skills. C was then ready to move on into our Brook View school. C followed a period of transition from the Outreach Service to the new school. At the school he studied an educational academic program of GCSE English, Maths and Science, Citizenship. He successfully completed his studies at the school and has now moved on to a local college for a program of study.


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