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Outreach Service Testimonial Student H

H joined our Outreach Service during a long period of months out of mainstream education. H had a diagnosis of ASD and an Education Health Care plan. He found mainstream school very difficult to deal with especially relationships with his peer group.

H was a student at an Alternative Education provider whilst he was waiting for a school placement. A place in our Outreach Service became available and our Outreach service provided a transition service which included study at home and at the school he was attending at that time, where he was supported by one of our student mentors. H was following GCSE subject content in Maths, Physics and English along with a tailor-made therapeutic plan. H thoroughly enjoyed his studies and was able to build positive relationships with his Outreach mentors and build on his social skills through his engagement with his Therapeutic plan. He particularly enjoyed sharing his own interests with his tutors and was able to go out of the house to places of interest.

A full time place became available in our Primrose Hill school. H and his parents were delighted that he could now be placed in a school to meet his needs and the Outreach Service provided the smooth transition into the school.

H is doing very well in the placement and will sit exams in the coming year.


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