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Blog Post 5

Hi all! Here I am, back yet again for another slightly mediocre blog post full of self-deprecation, witty banter, and mildly hateful jibes at life. Hooray!

As we all know, it’s that special time of the year where people from all across the nation come together to celebrate the tradition of love, family, prosecco, and gift giving. Ahh yes, Christmas time. The time of the year one would expect all of their misery and problems to vanish into complete air, obliterated and abolished from existence. That time of the year where being selfish and expecting of others is frowned upon much less than usual. Indeed, Christmas surely is the most pleasant and exciting time of the year.

However, for some people, myself included, Christmas is perceived in a much different light to how the supermarket TV adverts portray it to be. For me, the Christmas period is an extremely difficult time, and I often find myself becoming much more meaner, and a little more greener.

My transformation from a slightly chunky 18-year-old with big fluffy hair and poor fashion sense, to a dastardly green creature with a dog named Max and a termite ridden smile, is far from unexpected as we hit December 1st. It happens every single year. Simply hearing Mariah Carey scream down the radio about her demands come the 25th, and the Jackson 5’s tale of a frosty old Snowman which I have heard quite a few too many times already, is more than enough to initiate my hatred and sour demeaner come this festive season.

To me, the entire notion of Christmas Is just one giant sensory overload. The lights, the music, the singing, Gah!! When will this nightmare end?! I only left my house to catch a Pikachu…

I’ve just never really understood the fuss when it comes to Christmas. Sure, I won’t lie, getting free stuff and a nice dinner for absolutely no reason whatsoever is fun and all, (Especially when said free items are things you have wanted for years, and the dinner is a large plate of chips and fish fingers) but I just don’t see it being worthy of decorating the entire exterior of a house in tacky flashing lights, inflatable cartoon characters dressed in Santa costumes, and decorations you’d most likely find burrowed deep within the bargain bin of your local gift store for £2.50 at most. Why couldn’t all this time spent fussing around and running from store to store picking up overpriced presents and stocking fillers actually be spent doing something beneficial to the world? Which in my case, would be sitting back with a big hot cup of tea and binge watching an entire season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. One would say I am the pinnacle of giving back to others and contributing to society, clearly.

Now, before you all clutch onto your presents tightly in fear, there’s no need to panic. I have no plans to steal Christmas this year. I am much too busy with work and my extensive social life of standing alone in Chelmsford central park playing Pokémon GO to even remotely consider trying to eliminate the concept of Christmas. Besides, just because I find Christmas a little too overwhelming, that doesn’t mean others do! If anything, it’s nice to know that others are able to find joy in something that makes me scowl. You never know, one day I might meet someone who will completely change my opinion of Christmas. That door is always open, but I am highly doubtful of course! No one changes my opinion without a little hard work.

Despite the occasional hardship and overall stress leading up to Christmas, I still continue to sail through life with little to nothing holding me back. Work is still playing a big part in my life, as I mentioned earlier, and I’m still faced with a few struggles here and there, but I haven’t given up just yet, which leaves me with a big sense of pride.

Reflecting on the past few years of my life, back when things were really tough, and meltdowns were a frequent reoccurrence, I never actually believed I would ever work in my life, and I simply cannot comprehend just how far I have come. I always saw myself as unworthy, and burden bound wherever I went. I feared for those who would give me a chance when it came to employment. I would lay awake at night worrying that my temper would get the better of me if faced with a challenge and I’d lash out, but so far I am doing okay. There is always room for improvement, but my transition is notable, and my determination is fierce.

I’ll sign off today with one final message, don’t let my bitter sweet opinions leave you with an unpleasant taste in your mouth. I am notorious to some for my constant moaning and unnecessary whinging. I guess you could say I wouldn’t be me without it!

Have a great Christmas, and a wonderful send off into the new year. I’ll see you all then!

Tata for now. 😊

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