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Hello to you all! Once again, It’s me. The green haired monster known as Shannon.

Boy, what an exciting few months It’s been since my last blog post. I have three separate jobs, my first tattoo appointment booked and rearing to go, long lasting financial stability, and most importantly, a much more positive outlook on life itself. So much has happened since my departure from Teasledown, and I just cannot wait to spill the tea on all the excitement I’ve endured so far.

As I continued to walk this long enticing path to the great unknown, I found myself confronted with a big tall sign imbedded deep into the ground below. Carved into the two symmetrical arrows right at the very top were a pair of rather intriguing, yet slightly alarming sentences. “Get a job”, and “Go to College”.

Like every other teenager met with a challenge of some sort, I was quick to look around for any other paths I could take. I searched, and I searched. But much to my dismay, there were none to be seen! These were the only two options I had.

At this point in time, I decided to take a little break and consider both of the opportunities laid out in front of me. I took a big long look at myself, and my capabilities at the time, and decided that college just didn’t seem right for me at the moment. I had come so far as a person. My confidence had improved, my social skills were soaring, and my mental health was fine. I didn’t want to jeopardise all of this while it was still completely new and fresh to me. Right now, the thought of going to college was just far too scary, but that doesn’t mean it always will be. My days at school may be over, but there’s still so much I’m dying to learn about and study, like Criminology for example. The path to college will always be there, but for now, there was only one thing on my mind, and one thing left to do.

I had to get a job.

Being the slightly awkward and very autistic person that I am, my quest to find a job proved a lot harder then I initially thought it would be. I’m not exactly one to strike up a conversation, so enquiring about positions and handing in my rather mediocre CV was quite the challenge. I could only recall a handful of jobs that interested me anyway… Sales assistant, cleaner, all those kinds of things. They seemed pretty simple at the time.

As the stress of finding a job suited to my needs grew stronger and stronger, I began to doubt myself as a person and my capabilities. I feared that I would never find a job, and that no company would want to employ ‘someone like me’. I would sit and think about all the other people enquiring for the same position, and how they were ‘so much better then me’, the usual deprecation. I was inches away from giving up my search, until one faithful evening during my afternoon Jeremy Kyle binge, my step mum flew into the living room with the most exciting news. My local petrol station was looking for a cleaner.

I had never felt such excitement! I jumped from my seat and ran to introduce myself, and boy, did I introduce myself. The whole neighbourhood must know about my love for cleaning and my bedroom cupboard full of cleaning products by now. The flapping and anxious giggling was strong with this one, but the manager seemed impressed. I was offered the position immediately, and I couldn’t have been happier.

Little by little the big green petrol station up the road, the one that I had been visiting since early childhood, became my second home. I love having the freedom to clean and maintain the sites appearance. It makes me feel important and extremely trustworthy too. Not only that, I have a great team who are all so patient and understanding with me. It feels amazing.

After working at the petrol station for a few months, and with my confidence sat comfortably at its highest peak, it seemed as though life couldn’t get any better for little old me. However, much to my complete surprise and pleasure, I was given another job opportunity by a dear friend of mine to go alongside the petrol station! But… I’ll save that story for another day.

The quest I embarked on to find my first ever job taught me one thing in particular, one thing that stood out above everything else I had learned. Never doubt your self-worth, and the things you are capable of. Everyone has a unique set of skills, and while they may not work in some situations, they certainly will in others.

I’ll finish off today with a big thank you for taking the time to read about me and all my fun little adventures. I look forward to the future, which is something I never thought I would say.

Stay crazy,

Shannon. 😊


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