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Hi All! Welcome back into my cosy little blog. First and foremost, I must apologise for my rather unprecedented lateness regarding this month’s issue. A lot of different things have occurred in my life during these past four weeks, that have left me feeling a little bit.. worn out. I’m sure all of you incredibly hardworking (and definitely not lazy) people in the world understand where I am coming from. Now, before you all start to panic, I can assure you that the good definitely outweighs the bad for this month. It’s just part of being Autistic, even the best things in life overwhelm and exhaust me. I’ve been much too worn out to even function properly! Let alone blabber on about myself for a page and a half, as much as that may come as a shock to some.. But nonetheless, I am back once again to remind all of you that I am still here, and you will not get rid of me just yet!

I’m sure you are all just shaking in your boots to know how I have been this past month. Like I said to start, a lot of things have happened. Some bad, which I’d prefer to not delve back into for the sake of my poor innocent brain, and some really awesome and amazing things. To start, I have been taking multiple trips back and forth to Colchester Institute throughout the past few weeks, purely to discuss a few things here and there, and I truly felt myself becoming more and more excited as each visit flew by. During my most recent trip, I got to meet my course leader, and he is just amazing. He called me in to discuss the course with me on a personal basis, as he was made aware of my worries, and wanted to make sure I was 100% comfortable before I was due to start in September. I had a LOT of questions for him, but he countered every single one with an honest, yet highly reassuring answer, which is all I could have hoped for. He also took me on a proper tour of the classrooms and workspaces, and so far I’m liking it a lot! I do believe the rooms could use a touch of green though..

So yes, right now my excitement for college is through the roof, and to know that I have a kind course leader and a decently sized workspace with lots of room to fidget, has only made things better. On July 2nd, I will be heading down for my induction day, and will get to experience what college life is like for the first time ever. I will also get to meet my classmates which should be really fun! Stay tuned for my next issue to know how it all went down!

Aside from prepping for College, I recently took a 2-day trip down to London to stay with my dear friend Reettis, who had flown down from Finland for a few weeks to spend time with her friends. The trip was absolutely amazing, and it was so lovely to see Reettis again after 4 years apart. We got up to so much fun, including a quick trip to Regents Park, where we both exchanged presents and had a proper catch up, (She got me a load of sweets!) and lots of shopping round Camden Town, Covent Garden, Oxford Street and many more. This trip was extremely important to me for multiple reasons, but one of the main reasons being that this was the first time I had ever stayed away from home on my own, AND in a hotel too. I had spent quite a lot of time prior to the trip worrying about whether or not I would manage to sleep in the hotel, and when you are going to a place as exhausting and demanding as London, you’ve simply got to be in the right frame of mind. I truly thought I would be awake all night, tossing and turning from anxiety, but things were actually the complete opposite. Upon arriving at the hotel, I wanted nothing more then to crawl into bed and sleep. I was absolutely exhausted from all the shopping me and Reettis had done, that the mere

sight of the big double bed waiting for me in my hotel room was sheer bliss. I did spend a little while getting used to my surroundings, but once an hour had passed, I was completely gone. And that sleep was heavenly. It was a little heart-breaking to say goodbye to Reettis once again, and a lot of tears where shed that day, but fortunately this time around I will not have to wait too long to see her again. Nothing is set in stone just yet, but next year I plan to fly out to Finland for two weeks to spend time with Reettis, and two of my other friends as well. I am so excited, and have already started planning things out despite it being such a long way away yet. Aside from college, this trip will be the next big step in my life, and will set me on the right path to endless possibilities. Once I achieve this goal, I will be able to go anywhere in the world with no worry at all! (Well, maybe except Australia. Spiders give me the creeps!)

Indeed, this month has certainly been one to remember, for everything that came with it. For now, I will be spending the rest of my time prepping for College, continuing forth with my weight loss (3 stone! Whoop whoop!), and just overall bettering myself as a person and working towards my dreams. I will continue to work hard every day, despite just how lazy I feel sometimes.

Thank you all for reading once again. Please remember to stay hydrated during this hot summer, and have a great time with your friends and family. I look forward to informing you all of how my induction day went!

- Peace and love, Shannon. 😊


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