Student B

Student B joined our Outreach service after 5 months out of mainstream school. He was suffering from extreme anxiety from attending mainstream school due to noisy classrooms and disruptive students. He found mainstream school overwhelming; travelling between classes and dealing with crowded corridors.

B had a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Mild Cerebral Palsy and had an Educational Health Care Plan. B suffered from extreme anxiety issues and while he tried very hard to cope with mainstream, he found it very hard to cope day to day. B is a very bright student and his parents were keen for him to reach his full potential.

B’s time with Exceptional Ideas Ltd experience began by being tutored at home by our Outreach mentors. He followed the KS3 curriculum in Maths, English and Science and Art. B also followed a tailor-made Therapeutic plan focussing on relationship building and managing his anxieties and fears. B thoroughly enjoyed getting to know his mentors through his therapeutic plan, being involved in activities geared towards his interests. He presented as a very bright student who was keen to learn and be challenged.

A place became available at our Primrose Hill School and B was ready to make the transition into the school. There was a period of time when B was supported by the Outreach service to ensure that he was comfortable within his new school setting and mentors. B coped really well in his new school setting and is enjoying this new challenge and his life at school.

Student W

W came to our Outreach Service with a diagnosis of ASD, high anxiety and depression. He had been out of mainstream school for some considerable time. We started working with W and presented a program of academic study; GCSE maths, English language and chemistry. W was unable to go out of the house when we started working with him due to his anxieties and fears. He also had long periods of deep depressive states. J worked with three of our mentors where we also worked on a program of therapeutic education which focussed on relationship building, recognising the arousal curve of anxiety and learning de-escalation techniques. W was able to build very positive relationships with his mentors. W was also encouraged to gradually build up his confidence to go out of the house, go on short trips in the car and visit local amenities. He was very keen to be involved with innovative projects and even started a small business buying and selling Lego! 

W was very successful and achieved great results in his GCSE’s which enabled him to take up a course of study at Seevic studying a BTEC level 3 in Computer Studies. The latest news from W is that he is thoroughly enjoying his first few weeks there and has secured good friendships with his peers. He is 

fully engrossed in his course studies and he even travels on the bus independently which is another great achievement!

Student J

J came to our Outreach service after a period of time out of mainstream school. His family had been rather disillusioned with the education services available for him. He had a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. He had an Education and Health Care plan. J worked with three of our mentors on a regular basis during his time with the Outreach service. His mentors would collect him from his home and take him out into the community. He engaged in a therapeutic program tailor made for him which included social skills, relationship building, communication skills and basic financial managing skills. J was then ready to move on into our Brook View school. J followed a period of transition from the Outreach Service to the new school. At the school he studied an educational academic program of GCSE English, Maths and Science, Citizenship. He successfully completed his studies at the school and has now moved on to a local college for a program of study. 


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