2020 exam series update… 


Many of our students and their parents are waiting to see their GCSE grades on Thursday, 20th August. 

You will probably have seen all the arguments in the media about the A level results, which came out last week and you may be concerned about what is happening with the GCSE results and how they are being marked. You will be aware that other parts of the UK have decided to return to centre-based marks but there is currently no notification from anyone formally that the planned situation for releasing exam grades on Thursday will not go ahead, nor that there are any plans to change the algorithm previously used to generate exam results. 

As soon as we have any information, we will let students and parents know. Until that time we must assume that results will be issued on Thursday as planned. 

Posted by Hazel Bunting 


17th August 2020 


Update: the Government has just confirmed that teacher assessments will be used and the grades will be available on Thursday as previously planned.

19th August 2020 


We have been informed by the exam board that the grades will be with us in time to email all students tomorrow, 20th August as originally planned.  New information was coming in until late yesterday evening.   

Please remember that students will be emailed on their work email tomorrow morning.  We are not able to copy in parents unless we have received prior written permission from your children.   

They grow up so quickly! 

Good luck everyone! 

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