As some of you may already know, we have recently re-opened Brook View School, this has been a task in itself, adapting the way in which we operate to ensure the absolute safety of all staff and students attending. Below is a short statement from a member of staff working at Brook View School, explaining some of the measures that have been implemented and how everybody is feeling…...


 “After spending 10 weeks adapting to teach and learn from home, the transition back into school was always going to be slightly strange, but exciting nonetheless. We have had to change the way in which we operate the schools to ensure that they are as safe as possible for both the students and staff. This includes a one-way system around the school, tape on the floor to ensure everyone is clear on how far apart they need to stand from one another and each student having their own room to reduce all cross contamination. 

Despite all the new rules that have been put into place coming back into school has been exciting for everyone, face to face communication has been greatly missed by everyone, and the school has provided a positive and safe environment for the students and staff that have returned”

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